How Do I Track a UPS Package if the Tracking ID is Expired?

How do I track a Ups package if the tracking Id is expired? Sometimes we may encounter a situation where the tracking ID for our UPS package has expired, leaving us wondering how to track it. Well, below is a detailed solution.

How Do I Track a UPS Package if the Tracking ID is Expired?

Package tracking has become an essential part of the shipping process. When we order items online or send packages to loved ones, we want to stay informed about their whereabouts. 

One of the most popular shipping carriers worldwide is UPS (United Parcel Service), known for its reliable and efficient services. 

Here are various methods and solutions to address the question, “How do I track a UPS package if the tracking ID is expired?”


How Do I Track a UPS Package if the Tracking ID is Expired?

When faced with an expired tracking ID for a UPS package, it’s natural to feel concerned about the whereabouts of your shipment. 

However, there are several steps you can take to track your package effectively, even if the tracking ID has expired. Let’s explore some of the solutions:

1. Contact UPS Customer Service

If your tracking ID has expired and you’re unsure about the status of your package, reaching out to UPS customer service is the first recommended step. 

UPS has a dedicated customer service team available to assist customers with their inquiries. 

By contacting them, you can provide them with relevant details about your package, such as the sender’s and recipient’s information, package description, and any other relevant information. 

The UPS customer service representative will do their best to help you track your package and provide you with updated information.

2. Check UPS My Choice Account

If you’re a registered member of the UPS My Choice program, you have access to additional tracking features that can be beneficial in situations like this. 

Log in to your UPS My Choice account and navigate to the tracking section. Even if the tracking ID has expired, UPS My Choice may have additional information about your package’s current location or any recent updates. 

The service provides you with enhanced tracking capabilities, notifications, and the ability to manage your deliveries conveniently.

3. Utilize UPS Tracking Tools

UPS provides a variety of tracking tools on its website to assist customers in tracking their packages. These tools are designed to ensure that you can track your package seamlessly, even if the tracking ID has expired. 

One such tool is the “Track by Reference” feature. Instead of using the tracking ID, you can enter other reference numbers related to your packages, such as the shipment’s date, destination ZIP code, or the UPS InfoNotice number. 

By utilizing these alternative references, you may be able to retrieve the most recent tracking information for your package.

4. Track Via Third-Party Package Tracking Websites

Apart from UPS’s official website, there are several reliable third-party package tracking websites available online. These websites collect and display tracking information from multiple carriers, including UPS. 

By entering your package details on these platforms, you can check if there are any recent updates on the whereabouts of your package, even if the tracking ID has expired. 

Some popular third-party tracking websites include PackageRadar, TrackingMore, and 17TRACK.


Tracking a UPS package becomes a concern when the tracking ID expires. However, by employing the solutions discussed in this article, you can navigate this situation with ease. 

Remember to contact UPS customer service, utilize your UPS My Choice account, explore UPS tracking tools, and leverage third-party package tracking websites for the most up-to-date information about your package. 

While an expired tracking ID may cause temporary uncertainty, rest assured that UPS is dedicated to helping you track your package and ensure its safe delivery.

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