Can I Ship Firearms with UPS Express

Can I Ship Firearms with UPS Express?

If you’re a firearms enthusiast or a gun owner, you might find yourself in a situation where you need to ship firearms. So you ask, can I ship firearms with UPS Express? We’ll look into this and provide the information you need before you get those firearms to UPS for shipping.

Can I Ship Firearms with UPS Express

Whether you’re moving to a new location, selling or purchasing firearms, or participating in a shooting competition, it’s important to know the regulations and guidelines for shipping firearms.

Shipping firearms can be a complex process due to the stringent regulations in place to ensure safety and security.

As a responsible gun owner, it’s crucial to comply with all applicable laws and follow the guidelines set by shipping carriers like UPS Express.

Before we delve into the specifics of shipping firearms with UPS Express, it’s essential to have a basic understanding of the regulations governing firearm shipments.

Laws and regulations regarding firearm shipping can vary from country to country and even between states or regions within a country.

It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the relevant laws and regulations in your location and the destination.


Can I Ship Firearms with UPS Express?

UPS Express offers shipping services for firearms, but there are certain requirements and procedures to follow.

To ship firearms with UPS Express, you must comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, as well as the carrier’s policies.

To begin the shipping process, you will need to declare the contents of your package as a firearm. This ensures that the necessary precautions and security measures are taken during transit.

It’s crucial to provide accurate and detailed information to avoid any complications or delays.

Packaging and Labeling Requirements

Proper packaging and labeling are vital when shipping firearms. UPS Express requires firearms to be securely packaged in a durable container that prevents movement and provides adequate protection.

The package should not indicate the contents, maintaining confidentiality and ensuring the safety of the shipment.

Additionally, you must affix the appropriate labels and markings to the package, such as “Firearm – Handle with Care.”

These labels help UPS Express employees identify the nature of the package and handle it accordingly.

Insurance and Tracking Services

When shipping firearms, it’s advisable to opt for insurance and tracking services provided by UPS Express. Insurance protects your shipment in case of loss or damage, providing you with peace of mind.

Tracking services allow you to monitor the progress of your shipment and ensure its safe and timely delivery.

If you’re shipping firearms internationally, you’ll need to comply with the import and export laws of both the origin and destination countries.

Each country has its own regulations regarding firearms, and it’s essential to research and adhere to them.

Moreover, UPS Express can assist you in understanding the specific requirements for international firearm shipping.

Restrictions and Prohibited Items

It’s crucial to be aware that certain restrictions and prohibitions apply when shipping firearms. UPS Express has strict guidelines on what can and cannot be shipped.

For example, fully automatic firearms, explosive ammunition, and certain types of firearms may be restricted or prohibited from shipping.

It’s essential to review UPS Express guidelines and consult with their customer service to ensure compliance and avoid any legal issues.

Tips for a Smooth Firearm Shipping Process

Here are some tips to help you navigate the firearm shipping process smoothly:

1. Research and understand the laws and regulations: Familiarize yourself with the applicable laws and regulations governing firearm shipping in your location and the destination.

2. Check UPS Express’s guidelines: Review UPS Express guidelines for shipping firearms to ensure you meet all requirements.

3. Proper packaging and labeling: Ensure that firearms are securely packaged in a suitable container and labeled appropriately to maintain confidentiality and safety.

4. Declare the contents accurately: Clearly declare the contents of your package as firearms when booking your shipment with UPS Express.

5. Use insurance and tracking services: Consider opting for insurance and tracking services offered by UPS Express to protect your shipment and monitor its progress.

6. Be aware of prohibited items: Familiarize yourself with the restrictions and prohibited items for shipping firearms to avoid any legal complications.

7. Seek professional assistance if needed: If you have any doubts or concerns about the shipping process, consider consulting with a firearms shipping specialist or contacting UPS Express’s customer service for guidance.


Shipping firearms with UPS Express is possible, but it requires careful adherence to the applicable laws, regulations, and carrier guidelines.

Proper packaging, accurate declaration, and the use of insurance and tracking services are crucial for a smooth and secure shipping process.

Always research and comply with the specific requirements for firearm shipping in your location and the destination to ensure a successful shipment.

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