Uber Eats Driver Requirements

Uber Eats Driver Requirements in USA

Uber Eats driver requirements are a very important consideration if you wish to be accepted by Uber Eats as a driver. This is so because Uber is a very big brand and is very concerned about their customer’s satisfaction. Read through while we take you on a journey to understand Uber Eats driver requirements.

What are Uber Eats Driver Requirements?

To become an Uber Eats driver, there are certain requirements that you must meet.

Like every other reputable brand out there, the satisfaction of the customer is a priority and that is why Uber takes very seriously, that their driver meets these requirements.

All delivery drivers must:

1. Ensure that you meet the required minimum age to drive in your city.

The age criterion for car or scooter deliveries is typically 19, but it’s advisable to verify this when you register.

For bike deliveries, the minimum age is 18, but please note that bike delivery options are only offered in specific cities.

2. To create an account, drivers are required to possess a minimum of one year of driving background, a prerequisite applicable to all car-based deliveries.

3. Drivers are obligated to possess a legitimate driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance.

4. These requirements apply to cars and scooters. However, if you are making deliveries on a bicycle, you only need to carry a valid government-issued ID.

5. You must possess a valid social security number and

6. You must own a smartphone capable of running the Uber Driver app (Android 5.0, iOS 11.0, or newer).

7. Additionally, you should have an active checking account for receiving direct deposits.

These represent the fundamental prerequisites for signing up and driving, and as you can observe, they are relatively straightforward. Nevertheless, there are supplementary criteria that must also be fulfilled.


What are the Vehicle Requirements?

One advantage of working as a delivery driver for Uber Eats is the flexibility in the types of vehicles allowed.

The specific vehicle prerequisites for Uber Eats differ based on the type of vehicle you use and the city where you register.

To commence earning, you must possess one of the following:

1. Cars

Your vehicle must have either two doors or four doors. It’s worth noting that this requirement is less stringent compared to the vehicle criteria for regular Uber drivers.

This is because when you’re working with Uber Eats, you’re not responsible for transporting passengers, so considerations related to comfort and safety, which are important for Uber drivers, do not apply.

2. Scooters

You can utilize any brand or type of two-wheel scooter. However, for scooter deliveries, the scooter’s engine must not exceed 50cc in size to qualify.

3. Bicycles

There are no particular specifications; however, when registering, make sure to select “Biking” as your mode of transportation.

It’s advisable to choose something lightweight and speedy that also has enough room for carrying items, but the specific details are at your discretion.

If you’re using scooters or bicycles, you should select either “Delivery by Scooter” or “Delivery by Bicycle or Foot” as the delivery method during registration.

Uber does anticipate that delivery drivers’ vehicles should be free from major damages, dents, or missing components. Nevertheless, the cosmetic standards are not as strict as those imposed on rideshare drivers.



It is really straightforward as it can be. Because Uber gives priority to their customers. Before they hire you as a driver, they will make sure you meet their requirements as you will see reading through.

In relation to Uber Eats driver requirements is also the vehicle requirement. Whether you choose to make use of a car, a bike, a bicycle, or a scooter, you will also have to meet the requirements for each and every one of them.

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