How Do UPS Tracking Numbers Work?

How Do UPS Tracking Numbers Work?

UPS tracking is broad, so if you’re wondering, how do tracking numbers work? UPS has a wide range of working techniques which will be discussed in this study and will help your question l be answered accordingly. We will explore the state of UPS tracking numbers, how they are generated, their importance, mechanism, etc.

How Do UPS Tracking Numbers Work?

When you ship a parcel with UPS, you will be given a tracking number. This number is only assigned to your package and will be used to identify it all through the shipping process.

You can also use this tracking number to check your package’s status either online or through the UPS mobile app.

The information required for this tracking includes details about any exceptions that may have occurred during the shipping process, such as a delay due to weather conditions or an address correction.

How Do UPS Tracking Numbers Work?

With UPS, shipping and logistics can be complex, with multiple packages moving across the globe every second. To be able to track these packages and provide customers with correct information, UPS uses tracking numbers.

UPS as one of the biggest and most reliable shipping companies in the world uses its brand for generating tracking numbers. UPS tracking numbers are compilations of letters and numbers that are special to each package.

These tracking numbers are used to identify and track packages throughout the shipping process, from start to finish. UPS tracking numbers play a very important role in the shipping process.

UPS provides enough benefits to customers by offering them peace of mind, access to the progress of their shipment, and to the company by streamlining the shipment process and improving customer satisfaction.


Decoding UPS Tracking Numbers

Decoding UPS Tracking Numbers

For a better understanding of UPS tracking numbers, it is advisable to know how they are structured. A standard UPS tracking number contains 18 characters, which are grouped into various sections.

The first two characters are usually “1Z” which shows that the package is being shipped with UPS. The next six characters are a unique identifier for the shipper, followed by a two-digit service level indicator.

These six characters denote the type of service selected by the shipper. The nine characters that are left are the package identifier, which is unique to each package.

UPS Tracking Number Formats

UPS tracking numbers come in different formats, well this depends on the type of shipment and the service level selected. To add to the standard 18-character tracking number, UPS also makes use of other formats.

This format includes a 12-digit tracking number for SurePost shipments and a 22-digit tracking number for international shipments.

Though these different formats may have varying patterns, but they all serve the same purpose of tracking packages and providing customers with real-time updates.


Having provided you with all the answers regarding UPS tracking numbers, how they are generated, their importance, mechanism, we are sure you won’t have any doubt about tracking numbers and their concept.

These tracking numbers come in different formats though depending on the type of shipment, and may have varying patterns.

They have 18 characters together which compromises the first two characters are usually “1Z”, the next six characters which are unique identifiers for the shipper, and a two-digit service level indicator, and lastly, the nine characters left are the package identifier (unique to each package).

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