Is UPS tracking free?

Is UPS Tracking Free: Its Tracking Mechanism and Cost

One of the options that you can add to your shipment is being able to track your package and confirm its delivery. But Is UPS Tracking free? In some cases, this can be very tactical, and depending on the volume of the package, shipping can get more costly. This article will help you understand exactly the cost of tracking a UPS package, and to decide if you need to spend money on it or not.

Is UPS Tracking Free

UPS will not make delivery of any package with import fees without being paid ahead of time. That said, UPS has been known to deliver to your door and expect payment. Your best bet is to initiate the self-clearance process as quickly as possible while the package is still in transit.

UPS imposes a fee when goods have passed certain weight or size limitations, or when the package is something other than a squared cardboard box. UPS charges both by weight and size, depending on the package.

Is UPS Tracking Free

Whether you’re shipping a package or standard mail, you should know that not all UPS services come with a tracking characteristic. However, to have USPS tracking, you can pay for additional services for your packages, such as UPS marketing mail and First Class Mail.

You won’t be asked to pay an additional fee for the tracking mechanism on products that automatically include UPS Tracking. Basically, when you pay for that product’s postage, tracking is included, unless you are shipping UPS Marketing Mail® parcels.  To add UPS tracking to that commercial mailing service, an additional fee will be required.

UPS does not charge separately for tracking. The cost of tracking is only available the week following shipment. You can locate the charge on your invoice under the corresponding tracking number. To get an approximate cost, use Calculate Time and Cost at or contact UPS.

Tracking must be added at the time of shipping. You cannot buy tracking for packages that are yet to be shipped. In other words, you can’t tie it to a shipping number. Once the package has been shipped, you cannot add tracking to it.


UPS Tracking Cost for Commercial Accounts

While providing tracking for your customers may seem like a nice idea for your commercial account, you may want to rethink it. While Commercial UPS shipping accounts, both standard and Commercial, can get volume discounts on the cost of shipping, there isn’t a comparable discount available on track.

That doesn’t mean that discounts don’t exist, they do but you need to gauge how important tracking will be to your customers. For example, customers that are ordering fabrics are going to want to track more than customers who order tissue paper.

The fragility of the item, and the potential for the item to be an immediate need, should drive your decision about whether or not to pay extra for tracking.


We have been able to explain vividly the need for tracking free. UPS will only ask for a fee when your package exceeds its size or weight limit. That is to say that you will have to pay more if your package is large.

Also, note that your tracking must be added at the time you want to start shipping. You can never buy tracking for a package that is yet to be shipped, so you need to every necessary payment on time because once the package is shipped, you cant add tracking to it.

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