How Do I Track an Ups Package if I Lost My Tracking Number?

How Do I Track an Ups Package if I Lost My Tracking Number? Such unfortunate incidence tends to occur. But not to worry, here is a guide on how to track a UPS package even if you’ve lost your tracking number, ensuring your shipment remains traceable and easily locatable.

How Do I Track an Ups Package if I Lost My Tracking Number?

Tracking packages is crucial for individuals and businesses alike, as it provides peace of mind and allows for efficient delivery management. 

However, it’s not uncommon to misplace or lose the tracking number associated with a UPS package. In such situations, the ability to track the package can seem challenging.


How Do I Track an Ups Package if I Lost My Tracking Number?

Here are possible to track an Ups package, even when you lose your tracking number:

1. Utilizing the UPS website

The UPS website offers a convenient and reliable method to track your package, even if you don’t have the tracking number handy. 

Start by visiting the official UPS website and locating the “Track” or “Track & Tracking History” option. 

From there, you’ll be prompted to enter the required information, which typically includes the destination ZIP code and the date of shipment. 

By providing as many details as possible, such as the origin ZIP code, you increase the chances of accurately locating your package within the UPS system.

2. Contacting UPS customer service

If you’ve lost your tracking number and are unable to track the package online, reaching out to UPS customer service can be beneficial.

UPS representatives possess the expertise and resources to assist in locating your package, even without the tracking number. 

Provide them with relevant information, such as the recipient’s name, address, and description of the package. With this information, UPS can utilize its internal tracking systems to identify and trace your package effectively.

3. Using third-party tracking services

In addition to the UPS website, several third-party tracking services can help you track your UPS package. 

These services often integrate multiple courier companies, making it easier to locate your shipment, even without the tracking number. 

Simply visit a reputable third-party tracking website, enter the required details, and allow the service to search through its extensive database. 

While not guaranteed to locate every package, these services provide an additional avenue for tracking your UPS shipment when the tracking number is lost.

Tips for Securing Your Tracking Number

Here are some simple hacks for future references:

1. Saving tracking numbers

To avoid the hassle of tracking a package without a tracking number in the future, it’s essential to save the tracking numbers associated with your UPS shipments. 

Create a system for organizing and storing tracking numbers, whether it’s through digital methods like email folders or physical methods like a dedicated notebook. 

By having a centralized location for tracking numbers, you’ll always have them readily accessible when needed.

2. Organizing shipment details

In addition to saving tracking numbers, it’s equally important to organize other relevant shipment details. 

Keep a record of the sender’s and recipient’s information, shipment dates, and any reference numbers associated with the package. 

This comprehensive approach ensures that even if the tracking number is lost, you’ll have the necessary information to assist in tracking your UPS package.


Losing a UPS tracking number can be a frustrating experience, but it doesn’t mean you’re unable to track your package. 

By utilizing the UPS website, contacting UPS customer service, or exploring third-party tracking services, you can still locate your shipment effectively. 

However, it’s crucial to be proactive in saving tracking numbers and organizing shipment details to streamline future tracking processes. 

By following these steps and remaining prepared, you can ensure a smoother experience when tracking your UPS packages.

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