How Do I Track a Ups Package From Canada?

How Do I Track a UPS Package From Canada?

As a shopper with UPS, asking how do I track a UPS package from Canada? is normal especially if you have never been to Canada. UPS offers efficient, easy-to-understand, and user-friendly tracking services that allow you to track your package anywhere in the world.

How Do I Track a UPS Package From Canada?

Canada Post, originally known as Royal Mail Canada (the operating name of the Canadian government’s Post Office Department), was founded in 1867 as part of the government. It is Canada’s national postal service provider and also the biggest postal operator in Canada.

In 2016, it is estimated that Canada Post provided service for more than 16 million addresses, delivered nearly 8.4 billion items, and generated $7.88 billion in revenue from operations.

In terms of services, Canada Post postal service was divided into Transaction Mail, Parcels, and Direct Marketing. All delivery services are provided with tracking that allows you to easily track your package inside and outside of Canada.

How Do I Track a UPS Package From Canada?

In this article, we will be looking at three ways you can track your UPS package from Canada. These ways will surely guide you not to get scammed or disappointed.

1.  By using a Canada Post Tracking Number

All postal service provides you with a tracking option that allows you visibility of your package. With Canada Post, you can track your package in Canada with the online Canada Post tracking tool using their tracking number.

This tracking number can be found on the email notification, mailing label, or receipt that they provide you when you use the Canada Post service. Now you have access to the tracking number, do the following

1. Visit the official website of Canada Post or a reliable platform like Parcel Monitor.

2. Enter the tracking number, delivery notice card, or reference number into the bar code at the top of the page (all the information you need to know about your package will be shown).


2. Can Par Courier Tracking Number

It doesn’t matter if you want to track a single package or multiple packages, Can Par is always at your service.  You can use either your barcode or reference number along with the shipper number/ destination postal code.

Insert them into the tracking bar on the Can Par website or Parcel Monitor website to track your parcel in Canada. Also, you can find your Canada tracking number in your delivery notice. Your delivery notice number begins with a W and is located on the top of your notice.

Enter the number and you will find the current status of your package and pickup location. Note, to make your package tracking in Canada easier, it is advised that you use a centralized platform like Parcel Monitor. You won’t need to enter multiple websites to track different packages that are being delivered by different providers.

3. APC Postal Logistics Tracking Number

Parcel tracking in Canada is available for certain services provided by APC Postal Logistics like UPS Commercial e Packet, APC Parcel Connect Priority DDU tracking, or APC Priority DDU w Delcon tracking. With UPS Commercial e Packet, end-to-end online tracking is available.

Parcel Connect by APC offers door-to-door delivery at the international level, along with quick transit time. Accordingly, milestone tracking is made possible with this service. For time-sensitive materials, Priority DDU w Delcon premium service offers rush handling.

Shipment to all countries typically 3-7 business days with tracking available.  Easy APC delivery tracking is available the tracking number or ID is available. Track your Ups package using Parcel Monitor, and other courier shipments from China, Israel, USA, UK, Italy, and France with ease.


As a shopper with UPS your location doesn’t matter, UPS offers tracking services to help you track your package from Canada. Not just in Canada alone but in other countries like China, Mexico, etc.

As stated in H2, you can track your UPS package from Canada by either using Post Tracking Number, Can Par Courier Tracking Number, or APC Postal Logistics Tracking Number respectively.

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