Why I Run

Why I Run

7, July 2013, posted by TriJake

I have always been athletic, in that I have always been around sports and athletics. I come from a sports oriented family. Although I did not grow up a runner, I discovered the power of the long run about four years ago. I was having a bad day. I felt horrible about myself, and was questioning if I should go on living the life I had built for myself. I felt lacking, I felt stuck. I was sitting on my living room floor when an old pair of sneaks caught my eye. I don’t know why I grabbed them, I don’t know why I brushed off the dust, and I don’t know why I put them on. I just did. I left that afternoon without knowledge of running, marathoning, trail expeditions, or any knowledge at all. I ran because it felt like it was the only thing I could do. I could certainly run. The run wasn’t pretty. I laughed aloud while running, I listened to my breath panting, I even cried at times. I felt the fatigue throughout my body, the pain swelled through me, hot with life. I ran for about an hour. Upon returning home I was a mess. My feet, legs, and body hurt. I had no idea what I just did, but I felt feelings, and I felt alive. That was enough for me to run again. I knew I would run again, but first I needed water, ice, a shower, and bed. I pealed my cotton shirt off, turned on the shower, and grabbed a cool water. As the liquid quenched my thrust I mapped the run online. I had run over 9 miles, my next thought was, “I could run a marathon.” Two hours ago I was surely at the gates of hell, and instantly catapulted toward a grandiose goal. I could run marathon. I stepped in the shower, knees quivering, and felt fire inside. I was on fire alright. I still remember singing Bob Segar’s Ol’ Fashion Rock n’ Roll at the top of my lungs. What a day.

Day 2

I woke up the next morning, and could hardly move. I felt like cement was running though my veins. I staggered to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I smiled, “You’re a mess.” I said. I laughed at myself and got ready for work. At the time  was a restauranteur, I threw on my suit and tie, grabbed a coffee to go, and hailed a cab. I wasn’t walking today. At work I had a new pep in my step, people noticed. People asked what’s gotten in to me. I just carried on, thinking about the end of the day, so I can run again. I worked out my shift, and walked home. When I arrived home, I put on the same shoes and took off. This run wasn’t as exciting as yesterday’s. What was different? What was wrong? I was slow, tired, I couldn’t run a marathon. What was I thinking? I pushed through, ending at my front stoop. As I climbed the steps to my apartment, and the since of accomplishment filled my body. I remember smiling as I poured a cool glass of water. I drank the water, as the night before and fierce determination filled mind. “I’m all in.” I thought to myself.

Day 3

I woke up less sore than the previous morning. I prepared coffee, and headed to work. I had purpose today. I was light on my feet. I already couldn’t wait for my, what would become ritual night time run. I worked my shift at the restaurant. After my shift, I headed straight for a local run shop. I had a plan, buy the basics. Shoes, socks, shorts, and shirts. The basics. One of my favorite perks of being a runner is the equipment is cheap and easy. (As long as you keep it simple, and don’t let “them” sell you stuff you don’t want) I made my purchases, and headed home. I was excited to use my running gear. I geared up, took off, and was blown away with how I felt right out of the gate. The running gear made a huge difference. I was running in old puma sneaks, basketball shorts, and a cotton shirt. If you don’t know, cotton is rotten for a runner. So, with my new garb I was cruising. I looked like a runner, felt like a runner, and became a full blown runner that day.

Why I Run

I run for a lot of reasons today. I run for fun, since of being, taste of life, competition with myself, peace, health, routine, breakthrough accomplishments, and empowerment. It seems the more I run, the more reasons I conger to keep running. Running, and the game that comes with it is one of the best things that ever has happened to me. Some of the best people I have ever encountered have been runners, they are genuine and passionate, they work hard for each foot of each mile, and that kind of fellowship is impossible to shake. I am proud to be a runner. I am proud to gear up, and get out. I am proud of those who challenge themselves to run hard, to run with purpose. I run because running has fulfilled a primeval need to conquer pain, and a modern need to feel each breath. I know what I’m doing tomorrow. I’m going to run.

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