What is Always4ward?

What is Always4ward?

27, August 2013, posted by TriJake

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What’s is Always4ward? Always4ward is more than personal training. It is a 48 session lifestyle shift towards healthy and happy living. There are Four components to the formula that make up Always4ward. Fitness, nutrition, alternative life coaching, and education. After being in the fitness industry for some time I have come to the conclusion that most trainers, sports clubs, dietitians, and life coaches fall short. Not because they don’t know about their field, or are incompetent in their delivery, but rather, because to make that type of lifestyle adjustment you need all four pillars. If you hire a personal trainer, join a gym, have a nutritionist, and having a life coach it would be very expensive. That’s why Trijake has brought select experts in each of these fields so that you can seize all four pillars in the same location, in the same package.

Always4ward Is designed for your success. The program will meet you where you are in your life. It is very user-friendly. Your sessions will include a certain amount of personal training hours, sitdown sessions with nutritionists, as well as Life coaching sessions. Some sessions will be held in the gym, others will be held grocery shopping, others will be held shoe shopping. The idea is to educate and train you so that after six months of this program you will be educated beyond the need of a trainer, gym membership, or any sort of nutritional advice. You will have graduated Always4ward prepared to Live your life free from fitness enterprise. Our goal is to educate you to the point of self-sufficient healthy living. Once graduated from the program you have a lifetime membership at Trijake. Meaning you can pick and choose programs that you would like to enter into in case you need to get “back on track”

I believe anyone can manage their own healthy lifestyle. Sometimes we need a push in the right direction. And we will provide that once completing the program. However, while working the program you will learn and educate yourself on how to make these healthy decisions on your own. Being a lifetime member, after completing the program, you will be able to call upon our team for any advice moving forward.

Stop the insanity of going to your gym day after day doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Sign up for Always4ward, we have the answers, you have the desire. Together, with a shared passion, we can do anything. If this sounds like a program you have been missing, and you want to get out of the norm, please contact me jake@trijake.com. We can talk more about this program, personal training, and fitness goals. If you can dream it, we can do it, Always4ward!

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