Fitness is not a Luxury

Fitness is not a Luxury

18, November 2014, posted by TriJake

I’m mad. I’m mad at the way we have prioritized our lifestyle. I’m mad at who the majority of the population revere as roll models, and I’m mad that we are viewing fitness and working out as vain attempt to live the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

This problem starts at schools. Physical education is looked at as an optional elective, and parents are voicing concern that physical education classes should not grade their child’s performance heavily on if the child can actually complete a pushup, but rather know what a pushup looks like. Then the child grows to an adult and can hardly do 5 pushups, but he or she knows what one looks like. This is a problem, not because every man, woman, and child should be able to complete 50 pushups. This is a problem because children are taught early that fitness is optional, it’s not. Fitness is necessary to live a full healthy live. Many school districts across the United States have even cut funding to physical education programs to the point of extermination. Then families are forced to find club programs for their children to participate in to the cost of serval hundreds, even thousands of dollars per year. This process creates a exclusive feeling that children might interpret from their parents that being active is too expensive, and sadly drops from “basics of living” to “luxury spending”

Solution: Make your school board aware of the importance health and fitness has to humans. Don’t let them condense a gym class to ping-pong and walking around a track. Food for thought; 16 year olds should not be on the same fitness plan as 70 year olds. Get your kids to do pushups, pull-ups, air squats, and to run around.

The epidemic continues into adulthood. Many of these adults already have come up through the value system that you earn money first and find yourself second. When I say “find yourself” I’m referring to hobbies, family, and your authentic self. This is backwards. Put the pencil and the calculator down for an afternoon, and burst out of your home or office to run. Just run as far as you can, as long as you can. Shoot for 20 minutes. Do this a few days in a row, and I bet your perceptive begins to change. Many adults brought in the professional world think it matters how far you can run or how fast. It doesn’t. What matters is you tap into the primal instinct of “the chase” I find I am more productive at home and the office on days I exert myself beyond my normal capacity.

Solution: Humans are amazing adaptors in evolution. You can put a group of humans in the dessert and they can survive, the arctic and they can survive. On a smaller scale humans that run for 20 minutes a day will adapt to a faster pace with greater endurance, conversely put a human on the couch and that human will adapt to the couch. Choose your environment with purpose, and don’t be the adult that teaches their child that fitness is a luxury.

The last part of the problem are large gym outfits, corporate monsters that gobble up funds from people trying to get in shape. My main concern with these companies is they pressure sell, force contracts, and have rigid expiration dates of unclaimed services. It’s all about the mighty dollar at these places. It’s not just the BIG gyms, smaller outfits have followed in their footsteps to try and keep up with the financial trends.

Solution: At TriJake Fitness, there are no expiration dates, contracts, or pressure sales. Personal training, health and wellness needs to be available, and that’s why I started Trijake. Call me or email me to learn what TriJake Fitness can do for you.

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