Father of the TriJake Method

Father of the TriJake Method

23, December 2013, posted by TriJake

The number one question I am asked by potential clients is, “What is the TriJake Method?” When they read the three elements of balance, endurance, and power they are intrigued as to why these elements are important and where did I find the inspiration to implement this kind training. In this article I will address both, and explain a little of what I focus on in a daily session. My hope is for the reader to develop a picture of a TriJake session and have an understanding of where the TriJake Method comes from.

I can not take credit for the elements of TriJake Method, nor can I take credit for the order they are written and practiced. The father of my method lies in the National Academy of Sports Medicine’s basic text for personal training. In this text there is an overlaying theme of a progressive integrated training technique NASM refers to as the optimal performance training model. (OPT) The model is divided into three main levels; stabilization, strength and power; sub-divided into five unique phases. The OPT model should be thought of as a staircase guiding clients through different levels of adaptation. This journey will involve going up and down the stairs, stopping at different steps, and moving to various heights, depending on the client’s goals, needs, and abilities. OPT is a scientific, clinically proven approach to fitness based on rehabilitating and reconditioning the client. NASM’s six forms of training are flexibility, cardio respiratory, core, balance, power and resistance training. Incorporating these components in every program improves all bio-motor abilities, builds high levels of functional strength, neuromuscular efficiency and dynamic flexibility, and is the inspiration for the TriJake Method.

I write the programs, but the science and knowledge is all from the integrated training technique from NASM. I simplified the big talk down to Balance, Endurance, and Power. Each phase is touched upon in every session. Some more than others depending on where the client is in their own training. I also use studies from the National Strength and Conditioning Association to implement different sport specific exercises for clients that require special attention to detail. i.e. I do not train a basketball player as I would a football player. (NSCA) is the best at program design for these athletes.

Athlete or not, my NASM inspired method of incorporating balance, endurance, and power to each session is what makes my sessions successful and unique. I stick to the plan, and deliver the service on point. Nobody is perfect, but we can strive to teach a perfect fitness ideal. Standards set forth by years of studies and lectures give me the tools to confidently deliver the training techniques of these institutions to all my clients.

There you have it, the TriJake Method is a dressed up way to say we will be practicing integrated training techniques from the National Academy of Sports Medicines Optimal Performance Training Model. The TriJake Method trains you to strengthen your core, increase muscular endurance, and deliver powerful speed and agility to blast you through preconceived limitations and accomplish your goals.  Helping others reconnect with their spark has become my primary purpose. I keep my purpose fresh by promising to always move forward with my brand. I believe it is important to deliver this message by any means necessary to teach people they can build esteem by accomplishing goals and committing to always move forward. TriJake is for everyone: makes athletes better, triathletes faster, and weight loss is a joy at TriJake Fitness.OPT model

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