CycleBar Revolution (Naples, Florida)

CycleBar Revolution (Naples, Florida)

27, March 2017, posted by TriJake

I dance on the bike and I’m not mad about it. More at

Ladies and gentlemen, there has been a fitness revolution growing across the country and now you have the opportunity to join the revolution and evolve your indoor cycling knowledge to the next level.

Premium indoor cycling has been largely exclusive to a cult-like following of men and women that value and total body workout, that rips sweat and taps into human emotions. Some mainstream fitness dinosaurs reduce such an experience as “dancing on the bike.” Calling it not a real workout. That is what I would like to address today.

Instructing to the rhythm of the music is the next evolutionary step to creating a workout that is effective and addicting. When a workout program is effective and addicting it yields results because our clientele will come back more often and thus burn more calories. There are many components that make premium indoor cycling effective and addicting, but for this article, I am only focused on the rhythm element.

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Three arguments:

1.) Fitness industry dinosaurs that think rhythm riding is pointless and ineffective are wrong. Here’s why…

• Riding to the rhythm forces a consistent pedal stroke against resistance. Whenever we increase workload, while maintaining repetitions and cadence, we create a greater power output. That power output is categorized by calories burned.

• Utilizing songs with multiple beats per minute (BPM) in a given playlist, naturally creates a flow of intervals to maximize effort. And if you are a fitness professional you know the value of high intensity interval training (HIIT) that flows, is much more addictive than (HIIT) that does not.

2.) Fitness industry dinosaurs that think we are simply “dancing on a bike” are wrong.
Here’s why…

• When these arcane critics bring this argument to the table, my first thought is, “You hate us, cuz you ain’t us.” Seriously, the notion of choreographing upper body movements with lower body pedal strokes is a fabulous form of functional movements that create heart-pounding, calorie-melting, workouts that engage the entire body.

a.) I will offer a caveat for the above. If an instructor is not talented to execute proper rhythm and choreograph, flow will be lost and we will no longer be operating under premium instruction. This will kill momentum, and even put riders at risk for injury. If you have been to a class of poorly executed choreograph, please try another instructor soon. Not all instructors are created equal.

• That said, well executed rhythmic choreograph will challenge riders to keep up with the pack and push themselves to sweat more and rise to the occasion.

3.) Fitness industry dinosaurs that think our spiritually connected feeling of empowerment is nothing more than frothy emotional appeal, THEY ARE WRONG AGAIN!
Dead wrong… Here’s why…

• When we are put in a room with 48 other riders, all climbing for the same goal. All reaching for the same outcome. All supporting one another for the same feeling. We are connected with each other on the 4th dimension. The overall goal, outcome and feeling is not to lose weight, burn calories, win the race, or look the best. The overall goal is to evolve amongst our fellow humans, one class at a time. “Together WE will do, what I can not.”

• Riding to the rhythm is the first rule of engagement with our riders. The music creates feeling, the beat offers unity, and the instructor delivers service. That all adds up to tangible love in a class.

I hope this offers insight as to why riding to the rhythm is critical to the evolution of indoor cycling.

I also want to remind us that the opposite of evolution is extinction. You are either growing, or going. Grow with us. All the love, Always4ward, ROCK YOUR RIDE!

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