CycleBar, Naples (Jake Maulin’s Story)

CycleBar, Naples (Jake Maulin’s Story)

7, January 2018, posted by TriJake

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I don’t think anyone sets a course in life to become a full-time spin instructor. I certainly didn’t. And that’s the lesson of my story. I went to school to study business and own a jazz club. I graduated and moved to Boston to start a promising career in the Boston, Back Bay restaurant scene. One day I realized I liked working out more than running restaurants and made the switch to the fitness industry. After the switch, I found indoor cycling or spinning. I began to teach a lot and thought that rhythm riding was the next BIG thing, so adapted my certifications to teach to the rhythm. I left the box gym in Boston to take a job with Alex Klemmer and Bill Pryor at Spynergy in Wellesley, MA. Spynergy became the legacy studio for CycleBar International. I became a Sr. Master Instructor for the company in 2014 and now have a co-ownership with Mark Washburn to open CycleBar Naples Florida 2018.

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We never know what life has planned so I ask this of you. Please remember these 3 concepts.
1.) Love Wins
2.) Stay Connected
3.) Always4ward.

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