The Biggest Cheat Day of the Year

The Biggest Cheat Day of the Year

28, November 2013, posted by TriJake

I’m grateful for many things in this world. Thanksgiving allows me to recognize all the people and things I’m truly grateful for. I am grateful for family, friends, and freedom. But, all things accounted for I am grateful for the one day of the year that four pieces of pie after a 5 course meal is normal. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It’s the biggest “cheat day” of the year.

I’m not a big proponent of the, so called, cheat day. I think the idea is to give fitness oriented people a day to look forward to, or a day of rest for their diet. I don’t have a regimented diet. I keep my daily food consummation vaguely simple. I eat fiber in the morning, protein power lunch, and carbohydrates in the evening. I’m not a nutritionist, nor to I pretend to be one, I have found much comfort in following these vague guidelines. Contrary to many of my friends and family I don’t really over-eat. I eat when I’m hungry, and I don’t eat win I’m not. I am very active, so I am always replenishing nutrients, which means I am rarely not hungry. That said, there are two meals that I will absolutely never miss whether I’m hungry or not, breakfast and post workout. The reason is these are the times of day when your body is the most depleted. Real food is best, after trying many diets I have landed on a easy-going, plant based, whole food diet. I love food, and like this approach because I don’t resent my meal strategy, and I don’t need a “cheat day.”

Now then, Thanksgiving dinner. One of my most favorite day’s of the year. Not only do you get to eat what you want, but usually it’s good old family recipes. Friends and family gather across the country and trade secrets. There is a universal acceptance to one more piece of pie. The big dinner is often early and you can grab your first round of left overs by 10:00pm. After all, everyone knows the best part of Thank giving dinner is left overs. Turkey sandwiches, mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, and dare I forget to mention stuffing. When I was a kid I thought we called it stuffing because we stuff our faces, but it was years later I discovered it was slang for dressing we “stuff” the turkey with. All things aside, Thanksgiving is a biggest cheat day of the year. Everyone accepts it, everyone enjoys. If you don’t, you’re really missing out. Have fun, eat much, and sleep hard. Tomorrow is a new day, and we can rock your body then.

Just as you don’t leave any effort on the field in the 4th quarter, just like to run every mile as it’s your last, eat like it’s your final effort. Done right, and you’ll remember your Thanksgiving cheat day for the rest of the year. I’m a fitness professional, but I also don’t take myself too serious. Especial on the holidays, have fun, be merry, and stay positive. Happy Thanksgiving my friends.

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