Best Music/Playlist for Spin Class

Best Music/Playlist for Spin Class

11, April 2018, posted by TriJake

Indoor Cycling, known commonly as Spinning, is one of the best forms of cardio fitness in the world. When executed safely and with a good plan, calories melt away, and spirits soar. That being said, not all classes are created equally. Cycling instructors are given a lot of freedom to create a class experience. A large part of what instructors create is centered in the playlist or the song selections for a given class. More at

Indoor Cycling is worldwide. Check out the article about a friend of mine in Paris. New York Times

Music for spin classes can be separated into 3 macro-categories. The jog. The climb. The run. What dictates each macro-category is the given rotation per minute (RPM).

Spotify is a great resource for instructors to follow other instructors and share music. I have several playlists sorted by these macro-categories. Follow me on Spotify here.

See more music in action on Jake’s Instagram by clicking this link.

Jake Maulin Spotify

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