Become the best CycleStar!

Become the best CycleStar!

2, August 2016, posted by TriJake

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People either move forward or they fall behind. We never stay the same. Things that coast or glide ultimately crash. We do not maintain our human condition, we evolve. As indoor cycling instructors in the top tier of our market nothing could be more important than grasping the above philosophy.

Now, assuming you have committed yourself to evolving as a CycleStar instructor we are left with the question of “how do we evolve?” I wish I could tell you it’s a natural progression of daily participation, but it’s not. If it was, talent would not be at a premium. Below are 3 traps that CycleStars need to watch out for, or they will stop evolving their class experience and eventually decline or regress into extinction.

1.) Resisting Constructive Feedback.

Feedback is valuable to every successful business in the world. This is true in your classes as well. Companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to obtain feedback from their markets. When someone offers you feedback, take it serious, they are giving you the answers to the test. Please take this will grain of salt, be smart about using your feedback. For instance, don’t bend a 50 person class to satisfy one rider, rather incorporate and grow your class experience to expand more of what the people want. More simply put, don’t take things out of your class style because someone didn’t like it, get better at it.

2.) Thinking you are good enough

NO NO NO, this is not evolution. We are always on the hunt for better instructors so we can take their classes. We are never good enough. The second you start thinking you can’t learn something from someone else is the second you will begin to decline. If you want to be the best at something, go find the best and do what they do. We are in this together, we learn from each other. Good is the enemy of great. If you think you’re good enough, you will never be great.

3.) Reluctance to open your mind

Turn the key of willingness and open your mind to a wide road of freedom which will allow you to create powerful experiences in every class you teach. An open mind along with the willingness to change will put you on a higher plain of instruction. The minute we say “no, never” is the minute we close our minds; we begin to shut ourselves off from the light.

If you feel like you are offended by someone’s feedback, or hear yourself thinking your good enough, or feel like you are not open and willing to change, watch out. There is a crash and burn ahead. Get back on the evolutionary track of always moving forward. Take master classes, open your mind, breath in the feedback. You will be more powerful, more relatable, and more fun to be around.





2 thoughts on “Become the best CycleStar!

  1. Tony Goodman

    Hey Jake.
    Love the comments above. I teach at Cyclebar Temecula, Ca and have been teaching indoor cycling for 7 years. I am seriously interested and motivated in becoming a Master Trainer. Can you please advise me on my course of action and what I need to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

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