5 Ways to Get the Best CycleStars.

5 Ways to Get the Best CycleStars.

31, July 2016, posted by TriJake

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Every cycling instructor in your area wants to work for CycleBar… they just don’t know it yet. It’s our jobs as franchise owners to spread the word about how great it is to be a CycleStar instructor. Follow these 5 bullet points below, and instructors at large will be banging down the door to work for you.

CycleBar pays the best.

CycleBar Indoor Cycling studios pay instructors based on attendance, rather than per class. Some studios pay instructors $125 for a sold out class, most are between 100 to 120 dollars. Other studios and clubs pay per class, and not a lot (some as low as $20 per class.) At CycleBar, instructors make much more, based on attendance.

CycleBar offers the gift of variety.

CycleStars are the main attraction for our cliental. It’s their show, their flare, their style. This freedom is unique to CycleBar. We, as a company, let go of our control to give our instructors the freedom to make their own image, their own brand within a brand.

CycleBar is a premium facility.

CycleBar indoor cycling studios have state of the art, bikes, technology, community rooms, hospitality, gear, and locker rooms. The 60 bike, stadium style platform, big screen TV’s, and sound system give CycleStars a true rockstar status that they deserve.

Unique “ground floor” opportunity.

Cyclebar Indoor Cycling Franchise and our studios are very young. Studios are being built week to week across the country. If established indoor cycling instructors have been teaching in the same box gym for years, without any growth potential or financial gains, then getting on the ground floor of a brand new exciting premium indoor cycling brand is exactly what they need. Welcome to the big leagues.

Become a Star!

Our multi-million dollar CycleGiving charity program, community outreach with “pop-up” rides, top-notch web services, and emphasis on fueling energetic communal experiences your CycleStar instructors will become famous. They will become community leaders, philanthropists, and powerful examples for future CycleStar instructors to look up to.

CycleBar Indoor Cycling is a revolution in the industry. This is a powerful movement. Instructors need to be driven to want to teach in your studio, and only your studio. Remember that we pay the best, we offer the freedom of variety, we have the best facilities, we have the most opportunities, and we will make you a star. Sell your studio, Rock Your Ride, Always move forward.





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