Welcome to TriJake- My Story

Welcome to TriJake- My Story

1, March 2013, posted by TriJake

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imageMy name is Jake, and I have a passion for healthy living. I was raised in St. Louis, Missouri to parents that were coaches. My dad a football coach, and my mom coached cheerleading, softball, and golf. I was always around coaches and could argue I was raised in locker rooms saturated with inspirational half time speeches and constant attention to the daily work ethic of champions.


I have always been drawn toward athletes, and love the thrill of competition. When I went to college I thought I was supposed to learn business and throw myself into the stream of corporate success. That is just what I did, and graduated four years later to take a job with a large corporation in Boston. My second year in Boston was tough, I was out of shape, unhappy, alone, and scared. One day, as I sat on my floor, trying to think my way into a better mood, I saw and old pair of running shoes. They were under a chair and had a good amount of dust on them. I blew off the dust, put them on, and went for a run. It wasn’t pretty, but I felt alive. I cried, I laughed hysterically, and when I returned home I mapped the run out to 11 miles. My next thought was I could run marathons.


I did just that.  The next year I ran eight marathons. I ran 10 k’s, half marathons, 5 milers; I just ran. It gave me purpose, it balanced me out, and it gave me peace. I found happiness on race day and adrenaline from competition was in my body.  I was back. I continued to work my corporate job, now a different type of weekend warrior. I’d fly out of Boston on Friday night, pick up my racing number on Saturday, run the marathon on Sunday, and back to work on Monday. Sometimes I had a little limp in my step to which a colleague would ask if I had a rough weekend. I smiled and said out loud, “I didn’t think I was going to make it.” I didn’t tell many about my newfound hobby, mostly because I thought the people I worked would think I was crazy. Maybe I was, crazy in love with living life. I felt I could do anything, anywhere, with anyone.


I began to want to share the message of healthy, clean living the year after I rediscovered “race day.” I went back to school, to learn about anatomy, body kinetics, and training techniques. I took a huge risk, quit my job, and started the path to coach, teach, and motivate. It’s not all about running; it’s all about joining the stream of life. Waking up in the morning with purpose, joining society and feeling great about you. A wiser man than myself once told me, “If you want to develop esteem, you must perform esteemable acts.”  That’s exactly what we do at TriJake, we provide the arena, the information, and the service of helping others obtain purpose, freedom, and peace of mind. Allowing you to apply what you learn with us in your everyday stream of living. We do more than train your body to be in shape, we train your body to shape up your mind.


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