Jake Maulin helped me get myself back to a healthy mindset when it came to fitness. I highly recommend him as a personal trainer. His enthusiasm & dedication to his passion for helping others with their fitness goals is beyond compare. Call him today!!! What are you waiting for?! (Megan H.)

(TriJake . 22,September 2014)

I have been working out with Jake for 5+ months to get back into shape and to look my best for our upcoming wedding. Jake has really pushed me, but always kept me safe and injury free. He is a consummate professional. I would highly recommend him to all! (Meagan P.)

(TriJake . 16,September 2014)

I just had THE BEST Workout!!! Jake Maulin's method has completely transformed how I workout, how my mind works during the workout, AND the bonus.....I LOVE how my body looks after 30 days of using his method! I HIGHLY Recommend Jake Maulin & His TriJake Method! You Will Not Regret It!

(TriJake . 11,June 2014)

As an ex-personal trainer, it took a lot to humble myself and accept how out of shape I had gotten.  I hired Jake because there was no question that he not only loves what he does, but he walks the talk and knows training.  You won't just pump iron, you will train like an athlete with him.... and he will ...

(TriJake . 23,April 2014)

“There is absolutely no way someone can go from literally sitting on their couch in the worst shape of their life on January 5th to running the Boston Marathon on April 21, especially at 42 years old,” I said to Jake Maulin  on the first Monday, January 6, of 2014.  Jake replied, “you can, if you want to, and are willing to ...

(TriJake . )
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