SPLAT: Orange Theory is More.

SPLAT: Orange Theory is More.

11, September 2018, posted by

If you’re like me, Google is your personal assistant. When I moved to Naples, Florida and looked up fitness joints, I found Orange Theory off Airport Pulling Rd. I knew what OTF was, but never took a class, and like most things I was stubborn to try.

Working out is stressful, and starting a new program with strangers is even more stressful. Most people tend to put their heads down and “get it over with.” Not at Orange Theory in Naples, FL.

Orange Theory Naples

I walked into the Coastland Center OTF and was great greeted by a warm smile. “Welcome.” she said, and then asked if this was my first time. I replied with a “yes”and she took me on a tour, even introduced me to some other clients. Which I liked very much. Once settled she took me in and I met my instructor. This was cool, because she brought me in before the others. I got the 411 from the instructor and because we were alone, didn’t feel embarrassed asking any questions. The rest of the class joined us and we were off.

If you’ve never been to OTF here are three things that I love.

Heart rate monitor– I’m not a heart rate monitor fitness guy, but for this concept I think it’s brilliant.

Teams– Even though it’s an individual effort, I liked that we were split into teams. For example, there were 16 people in my class. 8 people did one exercise and the other 8 did something else. Then we switched. Individual efforts achieve more when working together at something.

SPLAT POINTS– If you were ever wondering what the OTF logo was all about, it’s an orange splat. Splat points indicate minutes spent in the orange and red zones. (heart rate monitors) Aim for 12 splat points per class.

Check this New York Times article out. Orange Theory is a revolution. Join the revolution at orangetheoryfitness.com

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