Spinning in Naples, FL

Spinning in Naples, FL

7, July 2017, posted by TriJake

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Spinning, or indoor cycling in Naples, FL is about to step onto the national stage with CycleBar Indoor Cycling coming to The Naples area sometime next year. Real Fitness. Real Fun. We come together in 2018.

Although there are spin classes to be had in Naples, Florida; there is a longing in the area for something better. Indoor Cycling in Naples, FL is largely missing a national strength and presence. CycleBar is due to step up to fit the part.

CycleBar has 93 premium indoor cycling studios open across the United States, 1 location in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and 2 locations in Canada. Now Jake Maulin and Mark Washburn have partnered and plan to bring CycleBar to Southwest Florida. The flagship studio to be situated in Naples, FL some time next year.

The following was written about Jake and his experience with indoor cycling progress over the last 10 years.

“Jake began his CycleBar premium indoor cycling experience in Wellesley, MA, a suburb of Boston. As one of the top instructors, he consistently sells out classes. Jake began training and recruiting instructors in the Boston area. Jake joined the CycleBar National Master Training team in 2014, and has been a huge asset.

Follow Jake’s playlists on Spotify to get great music to ride with.

Since joining the the National team Jake has directly trained the staff and instructors of 22 CycleBar premium indoor cycling studios. Jake has also been promoted to senior master of instruction, a position created for him to mentor new master instructors within the CycleBar brand. Jake is an expert in this field having been a career fitness professional in the premium indoor cycling community for 10+ years. He understands what drives the business and what hurts the business. His business savvy has shown a track record of successful studios that have never failed in the indoor cycling arena. It is the combination of his mastery of instruction, managerial background, and business administrative knowhow that has allowed Jake to thrive in this industry.

Jake is a trusted asset by the corporation this franchise is based in, and we are all are confident that any studio Jake is directly affiliated with can not fail.”

Naples is a natural fit for Mark and Jake. They both love and respect the area. Recognizing that Naples, FL has a well educated fitness community we are thrilled to open a CycleBar and continue to grow in the fitness minded and motivated residency.


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