Runners Just Never Say Die

Runners Just Never Say Die

26, February 2013, posted by TriJake

Runners are stubborn. We won’t let anything stand between us and our training. Not snow bans, icy conditions, or even snow plows. We read articles and books about the length of endurance, power of perseverance through a training routine, and how training through such extreme conditions makes race day easier and less daunting. I once read an article about a guy who put a treadmill in a sauna to simulate desert heat.

I get it, believe me, I get it. But, can we please be safe? Maybe when conditions are icy, dark, and the snow is plowed up to your head, that’s not your road to run down. I always say “Don’t ever stop. Run if you can, walk if you must, crawl if you have to, but keep moving.” I see too many runners around the city running down the road because the sidewalks aren’t cleared and that’s their usual route. Take a little extra time and plan a different route. Embrace the race, stay patient and enjoy the run. That’s why I run, why do you?


5 Safety Tips during the next few weeks of winter:

  1. Stay away from traffic if you don’t have an escape. i.e. high snow banks
  2. Slow down at the corners.
  3. Keep your knees high over ice and slush for traction.
  4. Embrace the cold, instead of looking down and powering through the wind.
  5. Run slower, and respect the fact that a 3 ton snow plow has the right-of-way.


It’s great that your out in the messy winter mush, it will make that 75 degree spring time marathon seem all the sweeter, but please be careful and find safe routes.

Run Safe,


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