LET’S EXPERIMENT: A look at Yoga Labs in Naples, FL

LET’S EXPERIMENT: A look at Yoga Labs in Naples, FL

6, September 2018, posted by TriJake

What do you know about yoga? When was the last time you were in a yoga studio? Have you ever been in a yoga studio? So many questions, but here’s another. Do you think you know what yoga is and why you already don’t like it? That’s a biggie, and it’s wicked honest. Today we travel to North Naples, FL in Mercato Shops to practice our yoga at Yoga Lab Naples.

Yoga Lab is a beautiful studio that stands tall in the community and welcomes all who wish to practice. The feeling I felt was that of love and warmth. I’m not talking about the squeeze a teddybear fuzzy feeling. (Although that feeling as well.) I am talking about the feeling that this wasn’t just “hold the pose” yoga. There was more, a focus on the student experience for classes at all levels of vinyasa yoga. It was the type of love you feel when you know the people around you care and want you to participate in something they have faith will change your life perception. From the heart and souls to physical sweat of a power flow class Yoga Labs delivers every time.

I have been around quite a long time, and I will say the Yoga Labs in Naples and their location in Estero, FL share the values of any world-class facility.

1.) A sense of shared responsibility between top experienced teachers and every level of the student.

2.) A safe place to let your tongue hang out and fall into a comfortable, peaceful, practice.

3.) A focused commitment to the above principles and serving the community with unwavering enthusiasm.

The classes offered: (Full descriptions of each class practice can be found here

1.) Ashtanga Primary Series

2.) Vinyasa Gentle

3.) Vinyasa Power Heated (my favorite)

4.) Vinyasa Free Flow Heated

5.) Yin Yoga

6.) Yinyasa

A great variety of classes and the teachers of Yoga Labs will meet you where you are. This variety creates excitement and entertainment, but also and more importantly, it helps evolve the student.

Back to the questions, I asked at the beginning of this article. I encourage to think, dig deep and honestly look inside yourself. Take 15 seconds right now and look. Not for where you fall short, but rather see the opportunity to practice yoga. Remember, “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which can-not fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance— that principle is contempt prior to investigation.”

—Herbert Spencer

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