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If You’re Fast, You’re Fast?

11, June 2013, No Comments on If You’re Fast, You’re Fast?, posted by TriJake

I have been reading and discussing a lot about the idea of  genetics and fitness. I found ...

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3 Plant-Based Power Meals for Athletes

When you’re physically active, you want to make sure you’re eating meals that are bursting in ...

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5 Most Common Muscle-Buliding Mistakes

Mistake 1: You don’t eat enough food.
Surprised? If you’re not as muscular as you want to ...

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Monitoring Heart Rate:

25, April 2013, No Comments on Monitoring Heart Rate:, posted by TriJake

“Recovery heart rate” refers to the heart’s ability to return to normal levels after physical activity. Fitness ...

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Post Workout Recovery Food

15, April 2013, No Comments on Post Workout Recovery Food, posted by TriJake

Most athletes know of the importance of eating before exercise, however, what and when you eat after ...

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Marathon Blood Pressure

22, March 2013, No Comments on Marathon Blood Pressure, posted by TriJake

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Running a marathon, or not, if your blood pressure is “outta wack” ...

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Sweet Potato Power

18, March 2013, No Comments on Sweet Potato Power, posted by TriJake

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“What’s so healthy about sweet potatoes?” I’ve got the top 9 reasons to ...

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