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Weaving Healthful Strategies into Your Daily Life by Jennifer McGregor

Many of the best ideas for practical, head-to-toe health are also among the most fundamental to ...

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Do It For Them | Pan-Florida Challenge: For Hungry Kids

The Pan-Florida Challenge is an endurance bicycle fundraising ride that feeds thousands of local children each year. ...

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F45 Functional Training Grand Opening Fort Myers

F45 has arrived in Southwest Florida! It’s a revolutionary boutique fitness concept that has caught fire worldwide. ...

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SPLAT: Orange Theory is More.

11, September 2018, No Comments on SPLAT: Orange Theory is More., posted by

If you’re like me, Google is your personal assistant. When I moved to Naples, Florida and looked ...

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Benefits of Indoor Cycling by Jake Maulin

8, September 2018, No Comments on Benefits of Indoor Cycling by Jake Maulin, posted by TriJake

Indoor Cycling classes have been around since the early 80’s and just like anything with true staying ...

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LET’S EXPERIMENT: A look at Yoga Labs in Naples, FL

What do you know about yoga? When was the last time you were in a yoga studio? ...

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Inferno Pilates at Studio 23nine in Naples, Florida

I survived the Inferno! Jamie Blaiweiss keeps the studio at a cozy 93 degrees as participates take ...

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